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McVeigh are air conditioning and heating system specialists. We design, install and maintain heating, ventilation and air conditioning  systems for retail, industrial and commercial environments throughout the UK.

Added Value Installations

We provide you with exceptional value by delivering solutions that are high quality and reliable, and thereby reduce the lifetime costs and your total cost of ownership.

Reliable and Personal Service

We've worked for the same clients for years because we always deliver an exceptional service – focused on reliability, speed of service, and high quality products and services.

Go The Extra Mile

Our clients say they like to work with us because we get it right first time and go the extra mile. We make it our business to understand your needs and deliver great value.
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Enhanced Capital Allowance

What it is, how you can claim and the benefits to your business ...

The ECAs are claimed in the same way as other capital allowances on the Corporation Tax Return for companies and the Income Tax Return for individuals and partnerships.


From a corner shop to a large-scale retail complex, we provide the right environment – neither too hot nor too cold ... encouraging shoppers to shop for longer.

  • Shops
  • Retail Outlets
  • Shopping Malls
  • Restaurants
  • Health Centers

BESCA  Daikin D1 Approved Installer  Exor  Gas Safe  HVCA  Mitsubishi  Refcom  Safe Contractor Approved


Encourage people to stay and shop for longer...


Create the right environment for people and machinery...


Promote employee well-being and work productivity...